Rituals for the Solar Eclipse

Rituals for the Solar Eclipse

The eclipse is coming. This is a rare event that we won’t see again for years - a total eclipse of the sun. As the moon comes between the earth and the sun, the light from the sun will be blocked out - the sky will darken like night’s fallen in the middle of the day. 

This is the first total solar eclipse visible in Canada since 1979, and is the only total eclipse in this century that will be visible in all three countries of North America. The next total solar eclipse visible in Canada won’t be until 2044.

This eclipse is in Aries season, and right at the start of Mercury going into retrograde. This period of time, between the lunar eclipse at the end of March and April 8th has sparked headaches and migraines in a vast amount of witches and spiritual folks, and chaos has run amuck. Eclipse season is ending with this powerful solar eclipse - let’s gather that energy to help us start this new astrological year strong & get through Mercury retrograde. 

During this incredibly powerful moment of lunar and solar energies colliding, what kind of ritual can you do?

  1. A gratitude ritual. The sun going away for a moment is a powerful reminder of how much of what we have derives from the warmth and energy of solar energy. From the growth of plants, to a simple sunny summer day, without the sun nothing would be the same. As the sun leaves and we can hear & feel nature react to that sudden loss, light some sandalwood incense or a yellow candle. Thank the sun, either aloud or mentally, for the gifts it has given you. 
  2. Make some eclipse water. Set out a clear jar of water for the period of the eclipse, to capture the unique and powerful energy of the eclipse. Make sure to label it, as eclipse energy is more powerful and volatile than your regular moon water. Use it well. Consider placing moonstones, sunstones, quartz, and other crystals around the jar when you put it out.
  3. Speaking of crystals, it’s time to give them the charging of their life baby. Eclipse energy can be chaotic, so follow your intuition on if this is right for your crystals at this point of your life - and maybe just pick out a few of your highest vibrational pieces to soak in the eclipse.
    (High Vibrational stones like: strawberry quartz, auralite 23, malachite with chrysocolla, merlinite, apophyllite, celestite, kunzite, tiger eye, berry amethyst, golden healer quartz, phantom quartz, etc.)
  4. Eclipses can be used as a jumping point for changes and metamorphosis. If you need to make some changes, this is the moment. Make space for yourself - a ritual bath, a meditation space, a spot in nature where you can be alone. Light some sandalwood incense or a white candle. Through the eclipse, focus on how much the world changes, all the time, and how you too can change. Let the old behaviour leave with the sun, and welcome new habits and choices in when the light returns.
  5. Another beautiful ritual you can do is a grounding ritual. Go outside and either sit on the ground or stand barefoot on the ground, light some sandalwood incense, close your eyes, listen to the world around you, feel the movement of the earth, and feel the earth's energy connect to you through where you're touching it. Let its old, calm, knowing energy help calm and ground you through the chaos brought by the eclipse and by the planets and remind you that all things pass with time.

NOTE: Why do we keep specifying sandalwood incense? This smoky-sweet resin is associated with both the sun and the moon, making it the perfect choice for your eclipse rituals.

What can you do leading up to the eclipse? This is a wonderful time to decide to learn more about astrology! The skies are very active this year and it’s time to pick up a book and think about how your birth chart might affect how you’re reacting to this eclipse.

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