About WitchPlz

Hi, and welcome to WitchPlz! WitchPlz is an online occult store curated by witchy wives Kendra & Jessica Pape-Green near Toronto, Ontario. We're certainly not the first occult shop on the web, but we never felt completely comfortable with the ones that were available. Most are explicitly aimed at NeoWicca, even going so far as to use "Wicca" and "witchcraft" interchangeably. In some cases, there was an obvious lack of research that had gone into their merchandise. In other cases, there was an abundance of appropriative or mislabeled merchandise, some even spreading misinformation about the origin cultures of the merchandise! And across the board, we just found the same stock over and over again.

In our personal lives, we ended up shopping niche sellers on Etsy and personal websites as well as making our own materials. But we longed to create the sort of shop friendly to all varieties of practitioner where customers could find such lovingly, attentively curated items all in one place. At the urging of others, we decided to go ahead an take that leap, and thus WitchPlz debuted in May 2016.

As of October 2021, we are located at the northwest corner of The 400 Market in Innisfil every Saturday and Sunday from 9-5.

We are located at the northwest corner of The 400 Market in Innisfil every Saturday and Sunday from 9-5.

Our Staff

Kendra Pape-Green

Kendra is secular witch who practices energy work and has been doing personal divination with tarot for 8 years. Though she does not consider herself religious, she has been exploring spirituality with a form of selfism.

Kendra owns the store, manages and curates the stock, and builds the store's relationships with artists and creators.

Kendra can be contacted at kendrapg@hotmail.com or at 905-980-4414

Jessica Pape-Green

Jessica is a heathen herbalist. Though not every herbalist considers themself a witch, she does. She firmly believes that science is not an antithesis to magic, but instead enhances it, and spends much of her time researching and meticulously experimenting with ingredients in her herbal laboratory. She is also a collector of divination tools and general knowledge.

Jessica is the editor and primary writer for AlmanacPlz!, the store's own occult and esoteric almanac, as she is the store's main researcher. She also helps create product designs.

Jessica can be contacted at mrsjesspg@gmail.com