About WitchPlz

Welcome to Witch Plz! Witch Plz is a queer-owned little witchy shop run by wives Jessica & Kendra Pape-Green where we offer crystals, books, tarot cards, high-quality incense and herbs, and handmade products either by us or carefully curated from local artisans. The website doesn't list everything we have in store, so be sure and let us know if there's something you're looking for that you don't see available! We might have it anyway!

We shop other witchcraft and crystal stores regularly, but part of the reason we decided to create our own in May 2016 was because none of the shops we were visiting at the time really reflected what we wanted to see. Many catered almost exclusively to Wicca and NeoWicca, hadn't been updated since the 90s, contained appropriative or mislabeled merchandise, and sold low-quality materials with little botanical or geological knowledge from staff aside from witchy uses. This has changed a lot very recently, and we're very proud to be part of the trend of small shop owners who prioritize conscientious curation of merchandise and providing well-researched information to customers.

We research every stone we sell to make sure we know what kind of stone it actually is, what it's made of, its fair market value, and how to identify fakes as well as its magical purposes. We provide cultural items only when they come from appropriate sources in an ethical manner. (For example, our white sage is sourced from a small First Nations business who obtains it from ethical growers, not from the wild where it is under threat, and who know and consent to us reselling it.) We provide herbs from high-quality food vendors which have been personally vetted by Jessica, and we refuse to sell any item for consumption, inhalation, or cosmetic use which does not have its ingredients clearly and accurately listed. We carefully check books we sell (and the authors) for racism, hate-speech, dangerous health advice, and affiliation to dangerous organizations. We do not do this out of control; the items we refuse to sell are available in abundance from other sources, such as Amazon. We do this out of care and passion and respect for the craft, so that our customers know that they can trust our products and expertise. We want to create a safe space for all witches and spiritual types, including those who are just starting on their path or only dabble occasionally.

We are based out of Newmarket, but our shop is currently located within the 400 Market in Innisfil, ON. The 400 Market is only open on Saturdays and Sundays, so this is the only time available for us to pick up our merchandise to ship out. For this reason, it will normally take up to a week for us to process your order for shipment. You can also find us at shows and fairs in Simcoe County, York Region, and Toronto! We do these shows all year round, so keep your eyes peeled to our socials. You can always count on finding us at Barrieā€™s Oddity Market and at Toronto Pagan Pride Day.

Witch Plz can be contacted at witchplz@icloud.com

We are located at the northwest corner of The 400 Market in Innisfil almost every Saturday and Sunday from 9-5.

Witch Plz booth at 400 Market

Our Staff

Kendra Pape-Green

Kendra Pape-Green posing next to holiday decorationsKendra, Jessica's wife, is a secular witch who practices energywork and spellwork and has been doing personal divination with tarot and pendulums for over a decade. Though she does not consider herself religious, she has been exploring spirituality with a form of selfism, and she sometimes participates with her wife in pagan events and rituals.

Kendra co-owns the business, does the purchasing, runs much of the social media, does promotional work, and builds the store's relationships with artists and creators. She also started our newsletter, Witch, What?, and still does some of the writing for it. She enjoys being the primary face of the business and interacting with customers.

Jessica Pape-Green

Jessica Pape-Green posing in front of holiday decorationsJessica, Kendra's wife, is a Heathen (someone who believes in the Norse gods) and an eclectic witch who is mainly drawn to herbs and divination. She has been trained as an herbalist, and though she does not perform medical herbalism since moving to Canada, she does use her knowledge and experience to inform her craft, to help ensure that we stock only the best herbs and that everything is always properly labelled, and to help inform and guide others who are looking to use herbs. She is also a passionate collector and researcher of various divination methods and is our primary reader for the store.

Jessica co-owns the business; helps with social media; does most of the current writing for Witch, What? as well as our blog posts, zines, and pamphlets; is our primary researcher; and does our inventory management. She enjoys working quietly and diligently in the back of the booth away from all the hubbub.