Cleansing with Soil

Cleansing with Soil

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One of the first things I learned when I studied Horticulture was that soil is alive. It moves, breathes, and thirsts. Everything that enters the soil is changed by it. One of the core tenants I learned in school was to never shove something into the soil expecting nothing to happen.

This is what makes soil such a powerful cleansing tool. To cleanse the spirit, many people simply go walk outside in bare feet. The same can be done with tools and crystals, and it can be done either by laying your object on the ground or by burying it, whichever feels right to you. You do need to ensure whatever you are contacting with the soil is water resistant, so I wouldn’t recommend cleansing a tarot deck this way, for example. You must also remember that the soil moves more than you expect it to, and small objects will easily end up somewhere other than where you left them, so I recommend to bury small objects in a flower pot using a mix of potting soil and live soil.

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