Easy Peasy Money Jars

Easy Peasy Money Jars

This article originally appeared in our August edition of Witch, What?, a newsletter for witches of all experience levels which you can pick up in person at our stores or receive for free with an online order. It includes information like that month's full moon, any Wheel of the Year holidays coming up, what is in bloom that month, and helpful articles like this one! These articles will not appear on our blog until the following month, so if you want to get them right away, make sure to drop by our booth at the 400 Market!

HOWEVER, this version was edited down to fit the small size of the newsletter. It didn't cover everything I wanted to say, and so you now finally get the slightly longer version with even more tips for success!

A lot of people have been asking about our money jars recently, and a common question is if someone can make it themself. Of course you can! We like to think of our purchasable spells as like restaurant food: you can absolutely make a lasagna at home, but sometimes it is tastier or more convenient to buy one professionally made. Same goes for spells!

So how do you make your own? Well, it depends on who you ask. Money jars and similar fortune spells exist in many cultures and beliefs. Ours are based on a combination of new age practices and cultural practices I grew up with. The ones we sell are in pretty hexagonal jars with some "seed money," herbs, and stones, but these aren't totally necessary. Here is my base method for making money jars, which you are free to alter as you like:

  • Start with a jar. As the best place for this jar is by the door and the second best is in the "heart" of the home (such as the living room), you might want a nice looking one, but it could also just be a cleaned out spaghetti jar.
  • Add money in the form of coins. Every time you come into your home and have change from making cash purchases, empty all your coins into the money jar.

Now, that, by itself, is the bare minimum that you need. The thought behind this magic is that "like attracts like" and having money in your home will attract more money to your home. Why only coins and no bills? Well, for a few reasons. For one, coins are a more traditional form of currency, the thought being that they have more experience "being money" than bills do. Another factor is that bills often have difficulty being stacked in a jar and may easily fall out or create weird gaps. The biggest factor, though, is that bills are much more likely to be stolen, the temptation is too great, but few people want a handful of coins to deal with. People stealing from your jar will ruin the energy of it, and if this happens, you should go spend or deposit those coins and then start a totally new jar in a safer area with new coins.

However, there are a few more caveats that I personally believe to be important rules, and they are as follows:

  • Always first add a money stone, such as citrine or pyrite, before any coins are added. This stone should never be removed from the jar unless you are cleansing that jar to start a new one.
  • Make sure at least one of every kind of coin is in there. Old and uncommon coins should always go in the money jar and rarely be removed.
  • Do not take from the money jar until it is over half full, and once it has hit that point, you should never let it be less than half full.
  • Never take all the big coins out. By removing most or all of the big coins, you are reducing your earnings, even if the jar stays over half full.

If you want to add in some basic herbs and stones you may already have on hand to create a more potent spell, you can try: cinnamon, mint, pyrite, or citrine!

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