Magnetic Singing Hematine

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Naturally magnetic hematine pieces, shaped to create a buzzing noise when they come together. See it in action in this video from our tiktok channel.

"Hematine" and "Magnetic Hematite" are the same thing.

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Often what is called "magnetic hematite" is actually hematine. While natural hematite may sometimes be slightly magnetic, and all hematite can be magnetized, if your "hematite" is intensely magnetic, then it is hematine. Hematine is artificially created of barium-strontium ferrite.

We believe in being open and honest about whether our stones and crystals are natural or artificial, because that is important to many people. However, our personal belief is that this does not impede its magical nature. Magic aside, magnetic hematine is also, obviously, very fun to play with!

Like hematite, hematine should not be exposed to water.

WARNING: Do not use magnetic products if you are pregnant or have electrical-medical implants such as a pacemaker or insulin pump.  These magnets are not intended for young children.  Keep magnets away from computer hard drives, credit cards and other electronic devices.  

Possible correspondence: blood, culture, iron, magnetism, Mars (planet), metal, mining, red, writing.