Sound Cleansing

Sound Cleansing

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Sound cleansing is a wonderful way to both cleanse and charge an object or space at the same time. While singing bowls are very popular, they aren't the only method! We like hanging windchimes by the door to keep ill will at bay. Times when I lived with other people and the front door did not "belong" to me, I actually hung windchimes in my bedroom right by my door, so that brushing by it on my way in and out would activate it. You can also simply push them yourself to activate them when you feel their chiming is needed.

Bells are another way to both cleanse a space or object and also imbue it with energy. The ringing can be as soft or loud, gentle or vigorous as you like. You can ring it constantly while moving it around the object or space, or you can simply ring it once. We add jingle bells to our "crystal confetti" sometimes as a gift for people who may not have their own sound cleansing tools yet.

Humming, singing, clapping, or playing music can all be methods of sound cleansing or energizing. The results depend on the way you choose to do it. "Whistling while you work" is genuinely a great way to lift spirits and drive out negativity!

The type of sound does matter somewhat. For example, banging metal pots together is a classic way of driving out spirits, but is not a very good way of imbuing a space with positive energy.

Remember, sound is energy. So this method is not a "bleach" like in sage-ing or "wash" like water cleansing. It uses one type of energy to drive out another type of energy, which is why it also works to charge an item at the same time.

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