Magic In Depression

by Kendra Pape-Green

I have depression.

I have a handle on it mostly. I don’t really miss work due to depression; I can still do my job and be good at it. I still contribute to my household, and I haven’t had my thoughts tend toward a darker direction in years.

But I’m still sad and unmotivated a lot. So, I make space for that in my life.

The thing is, I don’t tend to do a lot of magic in those states. It might help, but since I deal with energy work, and a lot of what I do revolves around Selfism, it’s hard to believe in myself and try and work magic when I just feel tired and unhappy.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. Magic is wonderful and helpful, and it helps you learn who you are in a lot of deep, personal ways. It helps you build connections with the world and build connections with yourself. So, when you’re out of energy, it can be hard to do something magical.

I often feel bad about that. Shouldn’t I be able to make myself peppy, and force myself to do more things? Why don’t I still do little spells or readings to help my mindset, or focus my day? It’s harder to call myself a witch when I’m depressed and feel unable to do magic.

But that’s okay.

It is! It doesn’t mean we’re not witches, or that we’re bad witches. There isn’t a magic spell to fix depression. (But if you have a good one to help with the symptoms - please do share!)

This isn’t a post to tell you how to magically handle it, or how to make it all better.

I just wanted to tell you that, if you're also feeling this way, you’re not the only one dealing with depression. And it has no bearing on being a witch. Witchcraft is part of your identity, and you don’t need to reach a certain quota of magic. You can stop practicing for a period and come back to it, and there’s no shame in it.

We’re all witches together, and we can support each other.

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