My Own Star

My Own Star

by Kendra Pape-Green

If you order from us, you’ll get a little note, and you’ll probably notice that in the corner is a little nine-point star.

Since I (Kendra) am doing most of the packaging at the moment, I’ve been adding that star as a kind of sigil to charge the package with good intent and wish it quick & safe travels until it reaches your hands.

This star doesn’t have much meaning outside of myself. It’s just a star I made up on my own as a child and doodled a lot, over and over again. It was added to my signature until I was a young adult, and it came to symbolize being a part of me; it grounded and comforted me, as well as being a kind of focus.

As my practice developed into Selfism, and I came to form an understanding of what I wanted my own form of witchcraft to be, this symbol seemed natural to use as part of my own magic.

There’s probably a layer of pop culture paganism in there, too. Card Captor Sakura was a huge part of my childhood and incredibly meaningful to me. Having my own star reminds me of her claiming the cards under her star, and how that really symbolized her coming into her own magic and using her own resources.

(I’m thinking about sourcing some Card Captor Sakura card decks by the way - comment and let us know if you’d be interested in that! Or if there’s another pop culture magical product that you’d like.)

When I mark a note from us with it and add that note to the package, it’s a mark of my approval, a charging of my intent for the order to arrive safely and quickly, and something unique to me and with a lot of personal love and meaning. I tie a lot of positive energy into it, and that means that every package I send out gets sent with love to our best witches. :)

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