Unique Smoky Quartz double-terminated points

Each of these polished and carved double-terminated points is entirely unique and varies in size, shape, and colour. Each unique piece is listed below.

  • A: Dark smoky, hazy mineral inclusion, many internal flaws creating rainbows, 18 faces, 284 g, 10.5 cm long
  • B: Medium smoky, carved from a cluster so it has very unique windows and shapes within, grey and red mineral inclusion, a few very tiny rainbows, 1 rough face + 21 polished faces, 268 g, 11 cm long
  • C: Medium smoky, hazy mineral inclusion, some "needles", a couple rainbows, a few tiny included clusters, 18 faces, 166 g, 11 cm long
  • D: Medium smoky, hazy mineral inclusion, many natural internal fractures creating an abundance of rainbows, 18 faces, 409 g, 14 cm long
  • E: Dark smoky, hazy mineral inclusion, two large natural internal fractures with rutile, many other small internal fractures which create rainbows, one tip is clear quartz, 18 faces, 185 g, 10 cm long. Due to natural flaws and mineral inclusions, some faces are slightly pitted and not perfectly smooth.
  • F: Lightly smoky, hazy mineral inclusion, one included "child" point, some small surface pitting, 18 faces, 257 g, 11 cm long
  • G: Lightly smoky, flat in shape, 18 faces, 377 g, 11 cm. This point features massive amount of natural internal fractures, a sprinkling of rutile needles, and very few other mineral inclusions, resulting in rainbow-scattering sparkles that could almost be called "natural crackle quartz".
  • H: Very lightly smoky, hazy mineral inclusion, some internal fractures creating a few rainbows, 18 faces, 199 g, 10 cm
  • I: Dark smoky, hazy mineral inclusion, cluster of minerals at one end, small amount of rutile throughout, scattering of rainbows, 18 faces, 161 g, 9 cm. Slightly prismatic - looking through certain faces separates light into blue and yellow.
  • J: Medium smoky and clearer at one end than the other, features natural flaws and fractures, with a small sprinkling of angel hair, 18 faces, 248 g, 10.5 cm. Somewhat prismatic - certain specific angles split light into red, green, and yellow or blue and yellow.
  • K: Lightly smoky, featuring many internal fractures with rainbows as well as a haze of mineral inclusion. At first somewhat resembles golden healer with its small inclusions of yellow-orange mineral, but on further examination, these appear to be rutile growing into the fractures. 18 faces, 197 g, 11 cm.
  • L: Lightly smoky with one end being fairly clear, much hazy mineral inclusion, a lot of internal fractures leading to a natural "crackle" and many internal rainbows. 18 faces, 407 g, 13.5 cm
  • M: Dark smoky with some hazy mineral inclusions and many internal fractures which reflect rainbows, and a tiny amount of rutile/angel hair. 18 faces, 266 g, 10 cm long.
  • N: Very lightly smoky, slightly more smoky at one end. Features many internal fractures reflecting rainbows, a haze of mineral inclusions, and a glittery scattering of rutile. 18 faces, 164 g, 10.5 cm long.