Unakite puffy hearts

These delightful hearts are currently offered in the 5.5 cm wide size. They are each hand carved in India.

Unakite is a stone that opens the third eye and enhances visualization and psychic vision. It also provides grounding and can be used for scrying and identifying areas of compromise and integration. When used with other suitable stones, it can provide answers to questions. Placed in the environment, it emits a calming energy and is thought counteract the effects of "electromagnetic pollution." Unakite supports rebirthing, releasing past insights and promoting spiritual and psychological growth. It is also beneficial for past-life healing, identifying the root cause of issues and aiding in recovery from major illnesses. This mineral primarily consists of coral-coloured feldspar, green epidote, and quartz, and it can enhance ethereal plane visions and balance the emotional body. It is also thought to support physical growth and weight gain, aid in healthy pregnancies, and help medical workers to pinpoint the underlying cause of disease.

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