Tumbled Stone Runes

Our tumbled stone runes are carved with every letter of the Elder Futhark alphabet and do come with one extra, blank rune. They also come with a small black carrying pouch.

We are currently working on our guide to rune reading, but you can click the "How to use" tab for a short & sweet version. You can also click the "Options" tab to learn about other alternatives if you don't quite see what you're looking for here.

Though there are many ways to use runes for magic and divination, the best way with tumbled stone runes is casting. Take a randomized handful of runes and throw them on a cloth (white will help you see easier). Not from very high up -- You'll lose them all over the place, trust me. You can also use a dice tray if you want. Then, look at the positions of the runes and read them like a story, going clockwise. For example, Raido followed by Thorn might mean a journey that results in dangers, but Raido preceded by Thorn might mean a journey that happens because of dangers you've already faced. Thorn upside down might mean hidden dangers. Thorn next to Ansuz but facing away from it might be dangers given by higher powers. Thorn at the edge of the cloth or off the cloth might mean that the entire story being told doesn't have to worry about dangers at all. It's a very vague and intuitive form of divination.

For meanings, I recommend looking up the rune poems and using those to glean meaning. You can find them on Wikipedia. Yes, there are single word meanings, such as Raido meaning "journey," but the whole poem of "Riding seems easy to every warrior while he is indoors and very courageous to him who traverses the high-roads on the back of a stout horse" adds a lot more nuance and potential meaning, doesn't it?

We only keep a few rune varieties in stock at a time because they don't sell very quickly. That said, if you want a stone variety we don't have in stock, you can email kendrapg@hotmail.com and make a request. The full list of varieties we can stock is below, though it depends on what our supplier has available.

  • Amazonite ($35)
  • Amethyst ($30)
  • Aquamarine ($30)
  • Aventurine ($25)
  • Black Onyx ($32)
  • Carnelian ($30)
  • Clear Quartz ($40)
  • Lapis Lazuli ($55)
  • Red Jasper ($25)
  • Rose Quartz ($40)
  • Tiger's Eye ($40)
  • Golden Quartz ($25)

Currently, we buy our tumbled stone runes from a supplier. We are working on learning to engrave stones so that we may offer you more varieties, not only in types of stone but also in types of symbols. If you would be interested in this custom product, please email kendrapg@hotmail.com so that we can let you know when custom engraved tumbled stones finally become available. Let us know what kind of stone you would want and what symbol set you would want to be engraved and what paint colour you would like for the symbols.