Transient Light Tarot

Featuring 81 cards with gender-neutral designs and a guidebook for personal growth, Transient Light Tarot is a unique offering from queer artist Ari Wisner (they/them). This queer reimagining of the traditional Rider Waite Smith tarot invites readers to explore their inner power and discover their unique spark. By illustrating the beauty of temporariness and emphasizing the potential for everyday transformation, Wisner highlights the dynamism of life, emphasizing the valuable lessons of growth, learning, and expansion.

This powerful 81-card tarot beautifully captures the essence and qualities of the classic figures but has moved away from stereotypes so that each and every one of us can find ourselves within it. Transient Light Tarot is also plastic-free and includes three extra cards – past, present and future – as a way to focus your intentions on one area of your life. The accompanying guidebook includes 29 bespoke poems by Fausta Joly as an` additional way to connect with the cards.

This deck, inspired by Ari's journey towards accepting the inevitability of endings, assists users in accepting impermanence for emotional healing, thanksgiving, and the courage to live genuinely. Combining elements of Rider Waite Smith tarot with notions of duality, sustainability, and brevity, genderless illustrations in blue-black and white portray these themes. Locally printed on recycled paper, sans plastic, with a blend of beauty and transience, Transient Light Tarot promises growth and solace.

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