Toadstool Acrylic Pins

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A mushroom frog (TOAD-stool) 36mm x 38mm acrylic pin. Like frogs? Like mushrooms? Why not put them both together in adorable pin fashion!

Like all our acrylic pins, it comes with a thin plastic film on the front to protect the pin, which the customer can remove whenever they like. The backing cards that the pins are packaged with are handmade and so vary in size, shape, colour, and pattern.

Abexdraws sells art done by 19 year old Abe (he/them), younger sibling of Witch Plz owner Kendra. You can find digital prints, stickers, and the occasional painting, depicting video game characters, neon gore, drag queens, furbies, and other fun things done by him on his page. You can find Abe on Instagram (@abex.draws) and Facebook (Abex)