The Satyr's Kiss

The Satyr's Kiss

Ignite the fire in your soul with a queer-centric grimoire that empowers, energizes, and awakens queer men to the potential of their queerness with spells, rituals, and exercises that celebrate queer sexuality and identity! The Satyr's Kiss challenges you to explore magical philosophy, history, rites of passage, and sex magic. Let this practical guide embolden you to take control of your universe and acknowledge the traits that make you special.

With an emphasis on sexuality and witchcraft, discover a variety of ways to honour sex - from communication and confidence to sexual protection. Learn spells and rituals, practice initiation, gender polarity, sex with spirits, honouring pride, and more! Uncover what it means to live in your unique, queer, and magical spirit!

Currently, we offer first printings of the first edition!

This book contains sexually explicit material and is only available to those who can prove that they are 18 years of age or older.

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