The Marigold Tarot

Unlock the mysteries of the universe with The Marigold Tarot! Featuring stunning tarot cards designed by Canadian artist Amrit Brar, explore the power of skeletons, anatomy, and florals as they intertwine in a beautiful cultural tapestry. Local and global, these cards offer a transformative journey beyond divination - step forward and discover The Marigold Tarot's magic!

With symbolism from Panjabi and Sikh-Panjabi culture as well as the modern day, this deck is a stunning work of art that speaks to the soul. If you are new to tarot reading, it is suggested that you work with a book guiding you on traditional meanings as well as the meanings of the specific symbolism used by the artist.


  • 78-card tarot deck
  • Pocket guide/"LWB"
  • Minor Arcana pip cards
  • Fully illustrated court cards
  • Fully illustrated Major Arcana
  • 310GSM German black-core, linen finish playing card stock
  • Standard tarot card size at 2.75"x4.75"
  • Metallic gold ink printing featured on cards (not foil)
  • 2-piece foil-stamped nested box