The Green Witch

Discover the natural magic of herbs, flowers, essential oils, and more with The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More by Arin Murphy-Hiscock. A renowned Canadian author in the field of alternative spirituality, her books are incredibly beloved for good reason. Immerse yourself in the power of nature, draw energy from the earth and universe, and find balance with plants, crystals, and even twigs. This beautiful fabric hardcover book delves into the definition and practice of Green Witchcraft, guiding you on how to raise and utilize energy, how to keep a witchy garden, and how to use "green" magic for healing. With its wealth of information on herbal blends, potions, rituals, sacred foods, and communing with nature, this guide will inspire and empower you to embrace the path of the green witch.

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