The Astro-Luna Journal

Gain an insightful understanding of the zodiac's archetypes and the powerful influence of the moon with The Astro-Luna Journal. Created by expert astrologer Monika Anna, this guide unlocks the secrets of the cosmos, providing a personalized ritual for self-care. Colourful illustrations by Sibylline Meynet enhance your introspective journey into the moon's phases. Discover how the moon interacts with the zodiac, set intentions with each New Moon, and reflect on accomplishments at Full Moon. The Astro-Luna Journal offers: an overview of the moon's impact, an archetypal look at the zodiac, a personalized moon ritual, journaling prompts, and more. Soar with the stars and embrace each cosmic moment!

Each hardcover journal is approximately 16 cm x 2 cm x 21 cm and features a metallic embossed cover and an in-built ribbon bookmark.