Spiral Incense Orange Set

Maroma's amazing new spiral incense blends two incenses, with one formula spiralling around the other. These contain no bamboo sticks and instead are formulated similar to cone incense. Made of all natural ingredients (wood powder, botanical gums, and oils) with no charcoal or phthalates. These beautiful works of art will make an impact during your next meditation or ritual.

Each container has two of each scent combination: White Sage & Rock Rose, Orange Zest & Cinnamon Bark, Sandalwood & Vetiver, Himalayan Cedar & Elemi, Myrrh & Yuzu. It also contains one ceramic incense holder, as these wider sticks will not fit in traditional holders. Each stick burns for approximately 60 minutes.

Package is 19cm x 4.76cm. Each incense is handmade by artisans in Auroville, India according to fair trade standards, as certified by the World Fair Trade Organization.

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