Thetis Hair Stone

This beautiful natural point has been polished to better admire its interior. While technically a Shamanic Dream Stone (a smoky quartz combining phantoms or unique formations with various mineral inclusions), it can also be classified primarily as a hair stone - a quartz featuring a quantity of very thin, needle-like inclusions of rutile, actinolite, tourmaline, or other minerals. Mostly, it is a Thetis hair stone (green and reddish-brown needles), but on careful inspection, one will find that it is also an Angel hair stone (nearly invisible silvery needles). This particular stone also features a scattering of very small rainbows and a small cloud (as well as a few tiny "puffs") of unidentified whitish mineral. There also seems to be a vague phantom near the bottom.

This crystal features 12 polished faces and a semi-polished rough "root." It has calm, peaceful, nurturing energy, and helps with connection to the greater universe. It can also be used for crystal gazing. It weighs roughly 445 g and is 127 mm long.