Scented Ritual Candles

Crafted with paraffin wax and aromatic fragrance oil, these 12.5cm tall colour candles each correspond to a special magical intention, listed below.

  • Pink: Sex & Love - rose scented
  • Red: Life & Passion - ylang ylang scented
  • Orange: Vitality & Courage - ginger scented
  • Yellow: Sunlight & Prosperity - citrus scented
  •  Green: Nature & Luck - poppy scented
  • Turquoise: Magic & Guidance - frankincense scented
  • Deep Blue: Serenity & Spiritual Awareness - myrrh scented
  • Purple: Spirit & Healing - lavender scented
  • Black: Community & Protection - vetiver scented
  • White: Transformation & Cleansing - sage scented

Keep a burning candle in sight at all times. Never ignite near or on items that may catch fire. Ensure that children and pets remain a safe distance away from the flame. Always place the holder on a heat-resistant, stable surface. Maintain the wax pool clear of debris, matches, and wick trimmings. Keep away from vents, fans, drafts, and air currents. Ensure the room is well-ventilated before lighting. Refrain from touching or moving the candle while the wax is liquid. Place burning candles 10cm apart. Use a snuffer to douse the flame. Avoid using water to put it out. Extinguish if it smokes, flickers, or the flame increases.