Rosemary leaves, whole

Our organic whole leaf rosemary is in small bags of roughly 9g and large bags of roughly 80g. They are also available in small glass bottles with brown kraft tag labels tied on with jute string. Because these are sold by volume, we cannot guarantee an exact amount of herb. We do our best to fill our rosemary bags entirely.

Our rosemary is provided by The Metropolitan Tea Company, a luxury tea company who sources all their ingredients from growers with high standards for environmental impact and employee treatment. These rosemary leaves were sourced from Provence, France.

If you buy the bulk package, which is 500g, you will receive it in Metropolitan Tea's vacuum packaged foil packaging. (Yes, we know the photo has a different bulk weight and price on the label. That weight/price is no longer available.)

There is a vulgar belief in Gloucestershire and other counties that rosemary will not grow well except where the mistress is "master," and so touchy are some of the lords of creation upon this point that we have more than once had reason to suspect them of privately injuring a growing rosemary in order to destroy evidence of their want of authority.

- The Treasury of Botany

Renown for strengthening memory, rosemary has thus become a symbol of fidelity in weddings as well as remembrance at funerals. As well, it had been custom in French hospitals, once upon a time, to burn an incense of rosemary and juniper berries in order to purify the air. Its reputation for purification does not end there, as the dried herb is used in storage chests and as a strewing herb to deter pests, and a bush outside the door is said to equally protect the home from pests and from evil.

It is claimed that a rosemary plant of at least 33 years old will grow in breadth but no longer in height, thus a representation of the life of Christ, taking on divine purpose after becoming mortally mature.

Possible correspondences: Christ, divinity, death, fidelity, funerals, memory, protection, purification, weddings