River House Witch Quarterly

River House Witch Quarterly

This magazine is 8.5" X 11" with a matte cover. It publishes on a quarterly basis, covering topics from deity origins, spellwork, tarot spreads and interviews with diverse interesting spiritual folk. There are 100 full colour pages in each edition. 

Witch Plz is proud to be the very FIRST physical location not just in Canada but outside of the United States period! 

Currently, we have the Summer 2022 issue available and will update this listing when we have the Fall 2022 issue in stock.



Creation of Aphrodite

Sea Witch Magic

Sea Witch Body Scrub Recipe

Litha Lore

Litha Magical Correspondences

Litha Tarot Spread

Litha Recipes

30 Tips for Adding Magic to Your Daily Rituals 

A Story of Self Evolution: By Mystic Jade

Manifesting with the Moon Phases

Star Chart Music Mixes

Friday the 13th Empowerment

Let It Go Sis: Meet the Hosts Erica and Alicia

Self-Care Challenge

Is Your Clothing Making You Sick?

Poody & Moose Botanicals 

Healing Touch of Reiki: With Kelly Schultz

Spiritual Coaching: With Dani Williams

Leftscape Podcast: Meet the hosts

Be the Change: Meet the radio host Kristen Bloom

Comfy Cozy Witch: How a Facebook group changed it all

Treasures of Fortune: Meet the Artist Jazmyn St. John

Gardening Tips From The Witchy Gardener

Litha Crafts for Your Garden: with Karen Restivo