Red Calcite Chips

These chips of red calcite are a lovely rust-red colour. Each piece is unique. 

Calcite is a crystalline mineral made of calcium carbonate (CaCO₃), and is very abundant and easily produced. Of all this abundant calcite, white calcite is one of the most common forms. It's a very delicate mineral, with a hardness rating of only 3. Natural calcite is sometimes soft enough to crumble in the hand, so you must be VERY careful with it.

Because calcite is so common, it often occurs as an inclusion in other stones. When you find a large chunk of translucent calcite, however, it can sometimes be difficult to tell apart from quartz. In this case, a good test for the inexperienced is a simple scratch test. Quartz can scratch glass, but calcite does not. As well, quartz does not easily scratch quartz, but it does easily scratch calcite; so if you have a quartz point on hand you can also use it to test your mystery rock.

Calcite is known to be a cleanser of energy, but also to soften the edges of harsh energy. It can be calming, help with discernment, and help with perception. It is thought to be good for building strength in fragile people, more than just physically.

Possible correspondence: cleansing, calm, peace, perception, understanding, strength, Mehet-Weret, Auðumbla.