Raw Noble Elite Shungite

These gorgeous pieces of noble elite shungite shine with a beautiful metallic sheen and are incredibly lightweight. Some pieces even exhibit a sort of rainbow sheen like one might see on an oil slick. They are extremely delicate, so be aware if ordering for shipping that, despite our absolute best efforts, these still could flake or even break during the process. They still work just fine when broken into smaller pieces.

These pieces originate from near Shunga village, Karelia, Russia - the same area where shungite was originally discovered and is named after. True shungite must be at least 98% carbon, and noble elite shungite is 100% carbon. This does mean that it can deposit black dust onto one's hands.

Shungite has a long history of use in folk medicine. It is currently popular for its believed property to spiritually protect. Some people believe in improves health or deflects radiation.

All purchases ship from our booth at the 400 Market in Innisfil, Ontario. All our prices are inclusive of sales tax within Canada. When buying the shungite flakes, you are not guaranteed to get a specific one from the photos; your flakes will be intuitively chosen for you.