Rainbow Pyrite Geode Fragments

Each of our rainbow pyrite geode fragments is unique and has its own photo and price. The Extra Quality piece we currently have in stock is 5.5 cm long, measured at the base, 4.5 cm tall, and 4 cm wide, measured at the base.

The Quality A pieces we have are all unique, and the piece you get is not guaranteed.

Our rainbow pyrite comes from the same place they all do - the Volga river.

Pyrite is commonly known as 'fools gold,' due to iron pyrite bearing a surface resemblance to true gold. It often forms in cuboids, and otherwise forms as multifaceted crystals. It has often been used as a flintstone to create sparks throughout history.

Pyrite is a wonderful energy shield, blocking out negative influences while relieving your anxieties, self-doubts and boosts your confidence. This isn't the stone for those who already are "macho", as it tends to boost their confidence to obnoxious levels. Cubic pyrite is known for helping you think on your feet and balance instinct and logic. 

Pyrite bolsters your spirits and helps when you're in dark emotional places - it's a stone said to help lift you up and give you energy. 

Pyrite is also a fortune stone, great for aiding business and work decisions and attracting opportunity and abundance your way.

Iridescent pyrite gets its colour from a thin film of oxidization. Rainbow pyrite is a special form of naturally iridescent pyrite druze from geodes found along the Volga river. The form of this druze enhances the iridescent quality, by causing light to bounce around and change colours, giving it a shifting rainbow appearance!

Possible correspondences: fire,  business, gold, luck, energy, protection, abundance, Prometheus, Iris, rainbow, pride.