Pendulums are amazing tools for divination. While you can make a pendulum out of anything - your favourite necklace, a stick and piece of twine, a dangling cat toy - a lot of people like pendulums like these that are purpose-made for the activity and come with their own unique energies and beauty. Pendulums can be used many ways, but our favourite way is to hold it in the dominant hand, dangling over the palm of the second hand. First, make sure that you have magical protections in place and establish boundaries. Then, call upon whatever you are asking a question of - spirits present (minus those with malevolent intent), specific people/spirits, deities, the universe in general, etc, then tell it to show you what a yes looks like, then what a no looks like, then yes again, and then no again. It might show a back and forth sway for one and a circle for another, circles in different directions for each, or back and forth sways in two different directions for each. If both "yes"es and both "no"s look similar, you can move on to asking yes/no questions. If they are different, start over again from the top. If the yes/no demonstrations continue to be inconsistent, then the spirits are too confused or flustered to get an answer out of at the moment, and it's best to put the pendulum away for a while.

  • Amethyst - keeps you calm during the reading
  • Fluorite - protects from psychic manipulation
  • Green Aventurine - increases your luck in being able to access the answers you want
  • Labradorite - channels ethereal energy
  • Lepidolite - channels all energies and opens pathways
  • Moss & Tree Agate - channels helpful nature guides
  • Red Jasper - gentle energy, seeks justice
  • Wood - connects to nature, to the element of wood, to living things
  • Copper - channels powerful energies, connects to the divine, great for those who have trouble with pendulums
  • Steel - protective and relentless, this pendulum is your knight in shining armor

All items ship from the 400 Market in Innisfil, Ontario. All our prices are inclusive of sales tax within Canada. Each pendulum varies slightly in shape, colour, and natural flaws in the stones. Your pendulum will be intuitively chosen for you and might not be one of those pictured.