Orris root

Orris root, or Iris x germanica florentina, is highly sought after in perfumery and herbal medicine. Its roots, bursting with myristic acid and other components such as fat, resin, and starch, unlock a sweet scent of violets. It can be used in baths, as a food flavoring, and in love spells. Plus, it's a great tool to access the thoughts of the deceased. Orris is connected to the Divine feminine energies of the Moon and Venus, and the Egyptians believed it to be sacred enough to inscribe it onto the walls of Karnak temple. Furthermore, it can be utilized to attract a soulmate or soothe dead souls. Orris root powder is used in a variety of things—dyes, perfumery, potpourri, and even as rosary beads—and is part of Moroccan cuisine and gin production. Love spells, protection from evil spirits, and romance formulations rely on this remarkable

Currently sold finely cut and dried, in amounts of 10 g & 50 g. 10 g equates roughly to 1-2 Tbsp. This herb is sold for spiritual purposes only. It has not been repackaged in a commercial kitchen and is therefor is not fit for consumption.

Family: Iridaceae
Genus: Iris
Species: x germanica florentina
Alt names: Florentine iris, Queen Elizabeth root
Parts used: root
Consituents: Iridin, Irone, Myristic acid, Oil of orris, + various fats, mucilage, resins, starches
Chakra: Throat
Energy: Receptive
Number: 7
Zodiac: Pisces
Planet: Moon, Venus
Element: Water
Day: Friday
Tarot: The Lovers, The Star
Deities: Aphrodite, Hera, Iris, Isis, Osiris
Medicine: Antitussive, Antidiarrhoeal, Catarrh, Cathartic, Diuretic, Expectorant, Stomachic
Powers: Astral, Attraction, Communication, Creativity, Divination, Fidelity, Overcoming obstacles, Protection, Relationships, Sexuality