Organic St John's Wort

Our organic St. John's wort is sold by the bottle, small bag and large bag.

Small bags are roughly 10g, and the large bags are roughly 65g, exact weights may vary slightly.

This item is shipped directly from our store in Newmarket, Ontario. Larger quantities are sold by weight and can be obtained by contacting

St. John's wort is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb and sometimes used as an antidepressant (and for that reason should not be ingested with other antidepressants). The name "St. John's wort" comes from the tradition of harvesting the flowers on St. John's Day (Midsummer). It has also traditionally been hung up to ward against evil. Oil infused with St. John's wort has been used since antiquity for aiding in healing and skin disorders.

St. John's wort can be invasive and even noxious in most of the world. Ingestion by mammals (including humans) can cause abortion, nerve depression, photosensitivity, or in cases of overdose - death. That said, in humans the ingestion of St. John's wort usually has no worse side effect than a placebo, the exception being that it's known to sometimes cause gastrointestinal upset. It should not be taken by people on contraceptive pills as it can prevent the contraceptives from working properly. There's a lot of drugs that St. John's wort interacts with or reduces the effectiveness of, so do lots of research before using it internally. External use does not interfere with other drugs.

Possible correspondences: banishing evil, Christianity, danger, healing, invasion, purification, St. John the Baptist.