Organic Rose Petals

Organic Rose Petals

Our organic rose petals are sold dried and whole by the quarter cup.

This item ships directly from our store in Newmarket, Ontario. Larger quantities are sold by weight. If you are interested in buying larger quantities, please contact

Roses now grow all over the world, but is thought that they may have originated in Persia. According to the ancient Greeks, however, it sprang from the blood of the beautiful Adonis. Whatever the case may be, roses have since been used as decor, cosmetic ingredient, food, and even medicinal herb, and there are more than 10,000 cultivated varieties of rose. Images of Cupid, Venus, and Bacchus have shown them crowned with roses, and petals were scattered in the paths of heroes and on the prows of warships as well as thrown at the festivals of Flora and Hymen, and as well it was also featured in Roman funerals. It is said that rose petals scattered across a dinner table meant that all confidences spoken there should be held to utmost secrecy.

Essential oil of rose can be found in both the petals and leaves of heavily scented varieties - and not at all in varieties without scent. Oleum Rosarum is produced by infusing rose into a fatty oil, and rose water is simply another name for rose hydrosol, which is the infused water that is left over in the process of distilling essential oil and, in fact, can be produced simply by steeping rose petals in water as one would any floral tea. Ingestion of rose is said to increase vitality.

Possible correspondences: Adonis, Bacchus, beauty, blood, Cupid, death, Flora, Hymen, life, love, luxury, Persia, secrecy, sex, Venus, vitality, war, wealth, worldliness