Organic Chamomile flowers

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Organic Chamomile flowers

Our organic chamomile blossoms are sold in 10ml sized bottles, and in large and small bags. Small bags are roughly 4-6g in weight, and large bags are 30-35g in weight.


Too much chamomile can be bad for the coating of stomach and bowels. It should not be used by anyone who is currently pregnant due to its emmenagogue nature.

Chamomile has been a favourite among garden herbs for a log time, with an established reputation for its medicinal uses. The name chamomile comes from the greek "khamai-melon," meaning "apple on the ground," due to its apple-like flavour. The most potent part of the plant is the flower head, both for flavour and medicine.

In Egypt it was revered for its power to cure ague (malaria and similar diseases). It has been grown for centuries in English gardens and is a common domestic medicine, with all the old herbals agreeing on what a dependable remedy it was. When gardening, drooping or ill plants have been revived by chamomile planted near it to help improve the drooping plant's health.

Chamomile can help with stomachaches and is best combined with ginger for that purpose. It also helps settle nerves, can help with sleep, and has antiseptic qualities. It's also helpful for soothing/reducing swelling and inflammation by soaking a rag in it and using it on the site. It's best to use as a decoction or infusion, and, when doing so, the user should make sure not to let too much steam escape.

In the middle ages, it was used as a strewing herb. Thrown around the floor of a house, it helped spread a pleasant smell through the house. It was common knowledge that when walking outside, you would smell chamomile when you stepped on it before you'd see it.


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