No Horses in the House

No Horses in the House

No Horses in the House!: The Audacious Life of Artist Rosa Bonheur by author Mireille Messier and illustrator Anna Bron is a charming, fictionalized account of the pioneering and feminist queer artist Rosa Bonheur's early years in Paris. This story depicts her drive to pursue her dream of becoming a world-class artist despite 19th century France's rules against it. Kicked out of the horse market for dressing as a boy, Rosa must use creativity to challenge the rules. Artists, parents, and teachers alike will appreciate the story of a courageous woman overcoming societal obstacles and, through tenacity and creativity, living her dreams. With cinematic flair, No Horses in the House! inspires meaningful discussion of representation, diversity, inclusion and the power of creativity.

Publisher Orca Books has been kind enough to provide a downloadable poster for the book, a download of the illustrated timeline of the milestones of the real Rosa Bonheur, and a discussion guide for parents, guardians, and teachers.

Mireille Messier is an award-winning children's writer, TV/radio host, scriptwriter, book reviewer, and voice actress. She has published over 30 books for children of all ages, including Sergeant Billy: The True Story of the Goat Who Went to War. The Branch was nominated for the Shining Willow & Blue Spruce Awards and the Governor General's Literary Award. Mireille hails from Montreal & Ottawa but now lives in Toronto with 5 cats, 2 birds, and 100+ goldfish (but no horses!).

Anna Bron, born in Russia and immigrating to Canada at nine years old, had her parents' nurturing in pursuing art. She studied animation at Sheridan College, becoming a successful illustrator and animator in many projects. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Anna enjoys illustrating and animating.

This hardcover book is 32 pages and measures 22.8cm x 28cm x 0.7cm. It is recommended for ages 6-8 and covers topics of artist history, gender roles, feminism, animal painting, and perseverance.

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