Malachite Tumbles

Banded malachite is finally in!

It can be hard to find smaller, affordable samples of this much preferred form of malachite, so once it's gone, we're not sure when we'll next be able to restock.

The extra large is approximately 5cm wide at its widest point, the medium is approximately 3.5cm at its widest point and the small is approximately 2.5cm wide at its widest point.

The name of malachite derives from the dark green leaves of the mallow plant. It is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral. Its formula is Cu₂CO₃(OH)₂, though obviously inclusions are likely to happen to one degree or another. It has been mined extensively for 4,000 years, most notably in the areas of Egypt, Israel (in תִּמְנָע - Timna Valley), and Wales (in Y Gogarth/Cyngreawdr Fynydd), though it occurs in deposits across the world. It has historically been the most popular ore to refine copper from.

Today's malachite specimens are most likely to be from Australia, France, Republic of Congo, or the United States, though, again, it does occur worldwide.

Malachite has long been used to repel the evil eye and malicious magic as well as malicious and evil spirits. It is thought to help release trauma and to be emotionally cleansing. However, it is not gentle in the way that it reveals your blockages, stressors, bad habits, and bad influences. It will force you to take responsibility for yourself .

Possible Correspondence: Scorpio, Capricorn, Venus, mallow, copper, transformation, truth, Loki, Tyr, Ma'at.


Please do not ingest any stones or use stone healing in lieu of professional medical advice. WitchPlz does not claim to offer professional medical advice and does not have doctors on staff. Malachite dust is toxic if inhaled or ingested. Wearing and touching malachite is safe under most conditions.