Magical Flowers of Ontario vol 1

Jessica has written an informative zine on thirteen flowers you can find growing wild in Ontario. From Bird's Foot Trefoil to Yarrow! Each flower has a picture to help you identify it, and a write up going over some important information about each plant. Description, habitat, toxicity warnings, if it's invasive, and advice about foraging if there's an issue to keep in mind. Magical qualities of each flower are included, as well as medicinal qualities, as that often informs how you use a plant for magical purposes.

Witch Plz does not claim to offer professional medical advice and does not have doctors on staff. Medicinal plant information is shared for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice or opinion.

The Printed Zine

This is printed to order at Cat's Grafix at the 400 Market, and so it may take up to 7 days to print your copy when you place an order. This copy is then hand-sewn together by Kendra. The current printed editions are 1.0, featuring grayscale pictures and stapled spines, and 1.1 featuring grayscale pictures, a colour cover, and a hand-stitched spine. All copies include a short chart on the back cover for you to keep foraging notes, to help keep track of good spots to harvest and when you found them.


This pdf is currently sold exclusively through our website and features no DRM so as to improve usability and accessibility. That does not mean that it should be redistributed for free or repurposed as someone else's work. We expect any shared copies to be treated like one would treat a library book: buy it if you want to keep it.

Jessica worked very hard on this zine and, like all workers, deserves to be compensated for her labour. Therefore anyone caught redistributing "free" copies may be held financially liable.

Current pdf is of edition 2.0, featuring new colour photos and changes in the text. The pdf does not include the chart for keeping foraging notes, as it is not intended to be a print copy.

Reflowable EPUB

Accessibility is extremely important to us as individuals and as a business. We very much want to have this zine available as a reflowable epub - the most accessible type of ebook file. Unfortunately, we are struggling to find a solution that gets us a result to our standards of readability and usability, so this version is currently still unavailable.