Kitchen Witchery

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Laurel Woodward's Kitchen Witchery: Unlocking the Magick in Everyday Ingredients is the thorough encyclopedia of all typical food ingredients and how they might be used for kitchen magic that we wish we had when we were starting out. Each chapter is broken down into smaller groups of ingredients where each ingredient is listed alphabetically, followed by some keywords toward their energies and uses, and then roughly 2-4 paragraphs about the ingredients. At the end of each grouping is a collection of recipe spells.

The chapters include Wheat and Other Flours; Gluten-Free Flours, Meals, and Groats; Beans, Peas, and Lentils; Nuts and Seeds; Oils and Vinegars; Sugars and Sweets; Vegetables; Fungi; Fruits; Hydration and What We Drink; Spices and Herbs; and Dairy and Eggs. What we really appreciate is that there is then another recipe section for the Wheel of the Year holidays.

The description on the back reads:

A fabulous mix of practical knowledge and magickal application that invites you to step into your kitchen with mindfulness and purpose. Sometimes a wooden spoon can be as powerful as a wand." - Deborah Blake, author of Everyday Witchcraft

Transform your cooking into a magickal act of healing, manifesting, and creating

Featuring a wide variety of recipes, correspondences, and techniques, this practical guide elevates the way you cook and prepare meals. Laurel Woodward shares the magick of everyday things, revealing how each task can become a ritual of creation. Organized by food type, this book teaches the magickal ins and outs of wheats and flours, beans and lentils, nuts and seeds, oils and vinegars, sweets, spices and herbs, vegetables, fruits, dairy and eggs, drinks, gluten-free meals.

Kitchen Witchery also provides recipes for the seasons and holidays, oil and seasoning blends, and clever ways to turn your pantry items into magickal tools. From homemade hummus to herbal teas and so much more, this book nourishes your practice and shows you the bountiful magick right in your kitchen.

Laurel Woodward has been a witch and tarot reader for twenty years. She has written for magazines and ezines on the subjects of organic gardening, healthy and sustainable living, and the magick of tapping creative energy. Visit her at