Ginger root

Ginger root

Ginger is a versatile spice used worldwide in various food items, beverages, and teas. It is a key ingredient in Indian cuisine and traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Ginger is also used in Western cuisine in sweet foods such as ginger ale, gingerbread, ginger snaps, and crystallized ginger. Ginger can be eaten raw, pickled, cooked in syrup, or used in sauces and dips. The young leaves and shoots can also be eaten or used to wrap food, and young inflorescences can be eaten raw.

Ginger has been used as a herbal remedy for various conditions, including colds, nausea, pain, and rheumatism. Fresh root contains more volatile oils than dried root, but it may cause gastrointestinal discomfort and interact with prescription medicine if consumed in large amounts. It is best to check with a healthcare professional before using ginger as a remedy or ingesting large amounts.

Ginger is a popular herb in many magical traditions and is said to lend power to spells. Eating ginger before performing spells is said to bring more power to the ritual. Chewing fresh ginger is also a quick technique for bringing strength to the practitioner as they focus and release energy in magic. Ginger can be part of a rite to bring interest back to a romantic union or be a strong addition to a protection ceremony.

Our dried ginger root is sourced from an organic foods vendor which purchases it from India. It is potent and fragrant and cut into small chunks, allowing you to freshly grind it as needed and preserve its qualities for much longer. A 10g bag is roughly equivalent to a heaping tablespoon. You must contact us in order to place wholesale orders, and they will take longer to fulfill. All our prices are inclusive of sales tax in Canada. All items ship from our booth at the 400 Market in Innisfil.

Family:  Zingiberaceae
Genus: Zingiber
Species: Z. officinale
Alt names: canton, gingiber, singabera
Parts used: rhizome (root)
Constituents: amino acids, carbohydrates, fibre, gingerols, magnesium, manganese, phytosterols, proteins, shogaols, vitamin B6, volatile oils, zingerone, zingibain
Chakra: Root
Energy: Projective
Number: 6
Zodiac: Aries, Sagittarius, Scorpio
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Day: Tuesday
Tarot: Four of Swords
Deities & Spirits: Ameretat, Aries, Artemis, Cernunnos, Hecate, Mars
Medicine:  Aromatic herb thought to treat cough, digestion issues, nausea, and rheumatism. Also thought to induce sweating and mucous and to stimulate circulation.
Powers: astral travel, beauty, calming storms, courage, energy, healing, hex-breaking, inner purification, inspiration, luck, lust, magic, money (esp when root is cut into “coins”), passion, power, prosperity, protection, release, stimulation, strength, success, warmth, well-being