Dictionary of Ancient Magic Words and Spells


Explore the origins, usage, and power of over 1,000 magical words and phrases from the ancient traditions of Europe, Greece, and Egypt. Discover how to combine these words and symbols in custom spells for protection, love, wealth, healing, and more. Uncover the secrets of magical alphabets, including Hebrew letters, Kabbalistic symbols, astrological signs, and runes. From ancient Babylon to the popularity of spells in modern culture, these words have been passed down for millennia because they work. Join scholar Claude Lecouteux on a journey through 7,000 spells and manuscripts, including the Heptameron of Peter Abano, to learn the history and successful use of each magical word. Embrace the inherent versatility of magic words and build your own custom spells using the stock phrases once used by sorcerers and witches. Gain insight into the magical words and spells of ancient Scandinavia, Hispano-Arabic Spain, and ancient Egypt, still in use today.

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