Crystals for Beginners deck

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This deck by bestselling crystal and astrology author Judy Hall contains 50 large cards, each with a photo of a crystal, the name of the crystal, and a short description. The back of each card gives a much more detailed description. It also comes with a small 16-page pamphlet on using crystals and using these cards.

The pamphlet does include information about chakras and crystal healing, but you can use these cards however you want, whether or not these things are part of your personal practice. We personally recommend using these cards for either divination or as flashcards for learning the spiritual properties of stones.

The description on the back of the box reads:

Your guide to unlocking the power of crystals.

Featuring 50 illustrated crystal cards, Crystals for Beginners introduces the unique properties of the most popular stones, exploring how the cards, and their real-life counterparts, can heal your mind, body and soul.

Each one features an image of the crystal, an outline of its principal benefits and advice on how it can be used to improve your well-being. With a concise introduction to working with the cards and practical techniques, this deck is the perfect entry into the world of crystal healing.

Tap into the power of the deck to enhance your life.

Please note that these cards do not constitute medical treatment or advice. All medical issues should be presented to a licensed medical practitioner. Witch Plz does not support the practice of using only crystals to treat physical or mental ailments.

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