Crow Ita Crossbody Purse

We have been scouring various wholesalers to find an pin bag for our pin lovers that has a witchy vibe, is of good quality, has a large window for pin display, and is even remotely affordable. We were so delighted to finally find Corviforms, a small artist in the United States who produces bird-themed accessories, including these delightful "ita bags" (bags with clear front windows for displaying small items like pins, stickers, cards, and collectibles).

This crow crossbody bag is produced in black faux leather with screen-printed details and measures 25.4 x 17.7 x 7.6 cm. It has a black detachable strap that is adjustable to 132 cm, and also features gold-coloured hardward, black inner satin lining with large pocket for organization, and a zipper closure.

You can get an alternate wing insert here.

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