Cat Tarot

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The Cat Tarot is a wonderful tongue-in-cheek deck for all cat lovers. It is similar to Tarot of Pagan Cats but has a slightly different vibe. Tarot of Pagan Cats taps into the regal, spiritual side of cats, while Cat Tarot is cheeky and clever.

The keepsake rigid box has subtly holographic foil accents on the front and features art on the sides of cats peeking out from under the thumb hole. Each deck comes with a small guidebook.

The description on the back of the box reads, "Seek answers to the past, purr-esent, and future with a brand new, gorgeously illustrated tarot deck led by the oldest symbol of wisdom, divination, and inspiration: the cat! Contains a 78-card full-color deck and a 108-page guidebook."