Capiz Lotus Tealight Holder

Experience the beauty and elegance of our Capiz Lotus Tealight Holder, featuring delicate and translucent capiz shells with silver-coloured accents in the shape of a lotus. Each tealight is dyed in a stunning violet-pink hue, making it a beautiful addition to any room. Measuring 8.8 cm in diameter and 4.4 high, it can be used with traditional wax or battery-powered tea lights. This holder arrives in a clear plastic box, ready to bring a touch of sophistication to your home.

Individually crafted by skilled artisans under the guidance of Mrs. Carmencita Homar and her family, this Fair Trade tealight holder from Pananque, Philippines is a testament to the family's dedication to their craft. Each delicate Capiz shell is hand-placed in a handcrafted metal frame, then polished, painted, and lacquered to create a stunning display of colour and vibrancy. With every purchase, you are not only receiving a beautiful piece, but also supporting a family business that helps many talented artists and craftsmen make a living.