Book of Shadows Pages

These documents are brief guides on a wide variety of topics, designed to be added to your personal Book of Shadows, especially one that is a 3-ring binder or which is roughly 8.5" x 11". We may eventually add more sizes if there is a demand, but that is the size we currently offer.

The printed versions are on heavy paper with "antique" sepia tones printed on both sides, available with or without holes. The digital versions are pdf files in black and white. Printed versions are not yet available, but will be soon.

Sets of pages currently available are:

  • Salty Magic: Learn about the magical uses of salt and different types of salt. 2 pages, 1 sheet of paper.
  • Cleansing 101: Learn what cleansing & purification are and how to do them. 2 pages, 1 sheet of paper.
  • Elder Futhark Runes: Learn to read the most popular set of Norse runes. 6 pages, 3 sheets of paper.
  • Hecate: Learn about Hecate, her names, her symbols, and ways to honour her. 2 pages, 1 sheet of paper.

These PDFs are currently sold exclusively through our website and feature no DRM so as to improve usability and accessibility. That does not mean that they should be redistributed for free or repurposed as someone else's work. We expect any shared copies to be treated like one would treat a library book: buy it if you want to keep it.

Jessica worked very hard on these pages and, like all workers, deserves to be compensated for her labour. Therefore anyone caught redistributing "free" copies may be held financially liable.