Beta Quartz

Beta Quartz

All quartzes that you can hold in your hand are what are called alpha quartzes, including these! However, when quartz under the earth reaches 573°C, the molecules suddenly realign into entirely different crystal structure, forming these perfect dodecahedrons of two six-sided points back-to-back. Once they cool again, they turn back into alpha quartz, often leading to a lot of cracking and discolouration. However, under special circumstances, the slightly cooled alpha quartz is able to fill the “mould” left by its beta phase, becoming a pseudomorph of itself!

Beta Quartz varies in colour from beige to bronze-brown and displays extensive cracking, bruising, and pitting. Apart from typical quartz characteristics, this mineral has been historically utilized for dowsing and divination, offering precise directional guidance and responses to all inquiries. It guarantees a response to every question, regardless of where, when, or what the question entails. It has been known to interpret patterns from dreams and visions, fostering clear communication channels from both the higher-self and the inner self. This enables the free flow of information, aiding in decision-making for enhancing one's chosen path.

Beta Quartz imbues the quality responsibility, epitomizing mental prowess and opening up limitless avenues for exploration. Some suggest that it may assist in healing, recovery, or easing symptoms of aggressive diseases, particularly degenerative conditions.

Our Beta Quartzes range in size from 0.5 cm to 2 cm and from 0.2-3 grams and are sourced from the US. All items ship from our booth at the 400 Market in Innisfil, Ontario. All our prices are inclusive of sales tax within Canada. Your beta quartz will be intuitively chosen for you and may not necessarily be one of the ones in the photo.

Hardness: 7
Streak: white
Classification: silicate
Structure: trigonal
Formula: SiO2
Chakra: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Throat
Energy: Projective
Number: 2, 3, 5, 6, 12
Zodiac: Virgo
Planet: Earth, Mercury
Element: Earth
Day: Wednesday
Tarot: Heirophant, High Priestess
Powers: Clarity, Divination, Energy, Focus, Hidden depths, Intelligence, Past lives, Responsibility, Secret knowledge, Transformation
Deities: Diana, Inanna, Ishtar, Mimir, Odin, Vesta