Apophyllite & Prehnite

This unique stone, combining apophyllite and prehnite, conducts energy and connects physical and spiritual realms for powerful spiritual healing. It is believed to benefit the respiratory system, allergies, skin, and eyes, while encouraging self-reflection and emotional release. Used in meditation and Reiki healing, it also shields the auric field and aids in decluttering for peace and spiritual growth.

Each piece is completely unique and varies in size, shape, and colour. Our currently available pieces are:

  • A: Four rods, covered in warm white druze with some dark green specks. ~5g, ~5cm across longest dimension
  • B: over 20 rods as well as many small clumps, all covered in cool white druze with sparse green specks. ~52g, ~8cm across longest dimension

Hardness: 4.5-6.5
Streak: White
Classification: Silicate
Structure: Tetragonal & Orthorhombic
Formula: (K,Na)Ca₄Si₈O₂₀(F,OH)·8H₂O & Ca₂Al(AlSi₃O₁₀)(OH)₂
Chakra: Heart, Solar pleus
Energy: Receptive
Number: 4, 5, 9
Zodiac: Libra
Planet: Mercury, Venus
Element: Air
Day: Thursday
Tarot: The Star
Powers: Authenticity, Connection to nature, Divination, Harmony, Healing, Intuition, Love, Meditation, Nightmares, Protection, Recovery, Reflection, Release fear & stress, Revitalization, Sanctuary
Deities: Freyja, Mercury, Raphael