Angels of Light Cards - Pocket Edition

Angels of Light Cards - Pocket Edition

This neat little deck offers a lavish array of angelic cards to aid in guidance, protection, help, and healing. With positive affirmations and heightened spiritual awareness, these cards seek to awaken the user's psychic and spiritual gifts. Use these cards to soothe heavy emotions and clear negative thought patterns. Boasting a best-selling reputation, this pocket edition is a more portable option for purses and pockets.

The description on the back of the box reads:

Angels are high spiritual beings. They come from the heart of God as guides, protectors, helpers and healers. Angels are willing and able to help us in many ways throughout our lives, all we need to do is call on them and they will respond. Allow these cards to help you bring them into your life.

Diana Cooper is the bestselling author of many spiritual titles including The Ascension Cards and The Wonder of Unicorns. She travels the world teaching and inspiring people to discover and realize their true potential.

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