Ancestralite tumbles

Ancestralite is a somewhat new discovery, so information about it is still somewhat lacking. We do know that it is a trade name for a specific mineral combination found in Minas Gerais, Brazil. I’ve seen several articles state that it’s a “pseudomorph of martite,” which, to me, is not a statement that really makes sense. Mentions of pseudomorphs should name two minerals - the mineral it is made up of and the former crystalized mineral that it is taking the place of. I do know that martite itself is a pseudomorph (hematite after crystalized magnetite), but photos of raw samples of Ancestralite do not depict the defining shape of martite or crystalized magnetite. Other articles claim it is a mixture of red jasper and hematite. This seems mostly true, but mixtures of red jasper and hematite aren’t exactly rare.

What’s special about Ancestralite is that the jasper component is so rich in iron that it is not merely red but nearly black in some lighting, its hematite bands and inclusions sparkle with millions of microcrystals, hinting that it may, in fact, be specularite (a formation of hematite that is extremely glittery as opposed to most hematite’s dull or metallic appearance).

This stone is extremely powerful for grounding us through dealing with generational trauma. It also helps us connect to the cosmos, to that which is beyond our own lived experiences, and thus can be helpful in reconnecting to our ancestors or conducting ancestor work. It is also thought to help empower you to cut off the ancestors that harm you. It is simultaneously grounding and elevating - you may have a floaty or out-of-body feeling when connecting to it, but you will feel calm and connected nonetheless.

Our Ancestralite comes in the form of small tumbles of 19-26 mm in length, 3-7 g in weight. Like all our items, it is stocked at our booth at the 400 Market in Innisfil, Ontario, and its price is inclusive of sales tax within Canada.