Amethyst Bahia Root


Transform your space into a breathtaking oasis with the distinctive Bahia "sword" amethyst. Its elongated, sword-like crystals feature a striking spectrum of deep purples, gradually transitioning to lighter shades at the base.


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Amethyst is a variety of quartz that appears translucent purple due to natural irradiation and metallic impurities. It has a six-sided prism shape with a point and a glassy lustre. It has no cleavage but has a conchoidal fracture. It is found throughout the world, with high-quality gem-grade stones typically found in Brazil, Siberia, Sri Lanka, and Uruguay. Amethyst is often heat-treated to change its colour and is sometimes called citrine or green amethyst. Amethyst has a long history of use, including as a gemstone, as a symbol of royalty, and as a protection amulet. It is considered the birthstone of February and is believed to increase wealth, calm the mind and spirit, and strengthen relationships.

Hardness: 7
Streak: white
Classification: silicate
Structure: trigonal
Formula: SiO2
Chakra: Third Eye, Crown
Energy: Receptive
Number: 3, 6
Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces
Planet: Jupiter, Neptune
Powers: Alcohol and addiction, anger issues, anxiety, beauty, breathing, calm, clarity, courage, dreams, grief, happiness, health, insomnia, love, nightmares, piousness, protection from thieves, sacredness, stress, wealth
Element: water
Deities: Athena, Bacchus, Buddha, Diana, Dionysus, Rhea
Compatible With: apple. aventurine, calcite, cedar, celestite, cinnamon, fennel, garlic, hematite, hops, ivy, jade, kunzite, lavender, lemon balm, mother-of-pearl, mugwort, myrrh, petrified wood, plantain, plum, quartzes, rose, rosemary, selenite, sodalite, sugilite, topaz, turquoise, violet
Day: Thursday
Tarot: Temperance