A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook

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A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook

Discover the power of kitchen magic with Patricia Telesco's A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook! This one-of-a-kind resource offers 346 recipes, 110 ingredients, and guidance for the beginning witch to help you cook up creative spelled foods. Filled with good humour and easy instructions, explore a world of magical possibilities in your own kitchen. Ready to get cooking?

The description on the back of the book reads:

Transcend Ordinary Eating with over 300 Magical Recipes

Discover the joys of creative kitchen magic with this book's unique blend of delicious recipes, humor, history, and practical witchcraft. Patricia Telesco combines 346 recipes from around the world with tips and techniques to transform your approach to cooking. Whether you're the chef for family, friends, or yourself, this delightful book gives you an amazing dish for every occasion and almost every day of the year.

Designed to help nurture your magical goals, A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook carefully considers each ingredient's essential nature and applies it for a specific purpose. Apples encourage peace, apricots are great for romance, and horseradish can be used for protection. Over 110 foods are described, from alfalfa sprouts to yogurt. With easy-to-follow directions and space to add your own recipes or ideas, this book shows you how to blend your spiritual beliefs into delectable sustenance for body and soul.

Patricia Telesco is the author of more than seventy-five books on magic, spells, rituals, kitchen witchery, Earth-based spirituality, and more. She has over forty years of experience with all types of Wicca and has written for many publications. Trish has also been a guest on international radio programs and podcasts.