3 oz jar of Myrrh

3 oz jar of Myrrh

This jar of myrrh has plenty of resin for spells and incense for a year, though the bail lid glass jar will keep your myrrh in great condition for much longer AND look stylish on your shelf. Due to the way myrrh is harvested, there may be some small pieces of wood within the resin. All items ship from our booth at the 400 Market in Innisfil, Ontario, and all our prices are inclusive of sales tax within Canada.

Myrrh gum-resin has various historical uses in medicine, perfumery, incenses, and religious practices. It has been utilized for pleasure, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, and in embalming and purification rituals. It is mentioned in ancient Egyptian and Christian ceremonies, as well as in the Islamic hadith.

Myrrh is has been used in pharmacology as an antiseptic in oral care products and skin treatments. Myrrh is known for its antiseptic, astringent, expectorant, healing, and stimulant properties, having been used in treating various conditions from including indigestion, respiratory issues, mouth ulcers, and skin problems.

Myrrh is a holy herb used as incense for cleansing, consecration, and protection. It can be tinctured and is effective for spirituality, healing, and protection. When burned, myrrh purifies, lifts vibrations, and enhances peace. It is often used with frankincense. Myrrh is included in healing mixtures, used to consecrate objects, and aids in meditation.

Family: Burseraceae
Genus: Commiphora
Species: Commiphora spp.
Alt names: Mirra
Parts used: Essential oil, Gum resin, Resinous wood
Consituents: Acetates, Ash, Benzoates, Gum, Malates, Resin, Salts, Sulphates, Volatile oil
Chakra: Throat, Sacral
Energy: Receptive
Number: 10
Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio
Planet: Moon, Saturn, Pluto
Element: Water
Day: Saturday
Tarot: Death, the Moon, Suit of Cups
Deities & Spirits: Adonis, Aphrodite, Cybele, Demeter, Hecate, Isis, Juno, Ra, Rhea, Saturn
Medicine: Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Aromatherapy, Aromatic, Astringent, Digestive, Expectorant, Febrifuge, Mouthwash, Odontalgic, Stimulant
Warnings: Should not be used by those who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. Allergic reactions have been observed. Myrrh should be rarely ingested, and then in only minute amounts.
Powers: Angel magic, Animal magic, Cleansing, Consecration, Exorcism, Funeral rites, Healing, Hex breaking, Inner peace, Meditation, Peace, Prayer, Protection, Providing comfort during loss, Psychic protection, Purification, Spirit lure, Spiritual energy, Spiritual growth