3 oz jar of Black Copal

3 oz jar of Black Copal

This jar of black copal has plenty of resin for spells and incense for a year, though the bail lid glass jar will keep your black copal in great condition for much longer AND look stylish on your shelf. Do be warned that black copal is very sticky. Our black copal smells strongly of sugar, pine, and lemon and is sourced from India. All items ship from our booth at the 400 Market in Innisfil, Ontario, and all our prices are inclusive of sales tax within Canada.

Copal is a sweet incense used in Aztec and Maya ceremonies, derived from tree sap. It is harvested from various resinous oils globally. Copal's historic references include the Mayan Popol Vuh. Copals harvested in the Americas are primarily from the Burseraceae family. Various types of copal are recognized based on plant source and harvesting method. Black copal is obtained by extraction from the bark of a copal tree, usually by beating the bark.

Numerous Mesoamerican cultures used tree resins as incense for rituals, with copal being the most popular. Copal had various uses, including as a binder for paint pigments, makeup, adhesives, chewing gum, and medicine. Studies from Templo Mayor show copal used in a variety of artifacts like figurines and ceremonial knives. The Lacandón Maya made copal from pitch pine and used it as incense. The Maya Ch'orti collected gum, boiled it, shaped it into pellets, and sold it in the market.

Copal resin is versatile in its spiritual and magical uses, used in protection, purification, and spirit rituals. It is added to incenses for love, cleansing, and as an offering to the Gods.

Family: Burseraceae
Genus: various
Species: various
Alt names: Frankincense of the Americas
Parts used: Resin
Chakra: Crown
Energy: Receptive
Number: 7
Zodiac: Scorpio
Planet: Moon, Pluto
Element: Water
Day: Monday
Tarot: Suit of Cups
Powers: Exorcism, Love, Offering, Protection, Purification, Spirit communication, Uplifting