Water Cleansing

Water Cleansing

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Water can be used to cleanse in a few different ways. Classically, you’d take your crystals to a stream and rinse them in the running waters. But not everyone has the time or proximity to picturesque little brooks for that to be practical. You can also pour moon water over your crystals, or even just use the tap to create running water! No matter what you use, submerge your stones in the water (you may want to have them in a mesh bag, strainer, or colander) and let the water take all negativity away and return it back to the earth.

You cannot use this method on selenite, fluorite, kyanite, halite, and many other crystals. Always look up to see if your crystal can safely interact with water without damaging the stone - especially if it ends in ‘-ite’. And even if it is safe, remember to pat your crystals dry once you’ve finished cleansing!

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